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Club Penguin on iPhone & iPod!

Hey penguins! Exciting news. The Club Penguin app is on its way soon to iPhone & iPod Touch! You’ll also be able to for the very first time have puffles in the app!

Popular Club Penguin blogger & team member Polo Field can be seen in this in-game screenshot from Club Penguin App [...]

Like Club Penguin? Check out Rockets Club!

Hey penguins! Today we wanted to show you an awesome game being built by our parent company DV Artz. It’s called Rockets Club! It’s an outer space sandbox game that also combines a racing game and virtual world into one!

DV Artz has started a “Kickstarter” campaign for Rockets Club. This means that [...]

Club Penguin Muppets World Tour Coming Soon!

Hey penguins! After the end of the fall fair a new party has been announced to be on it’s way to Club Penguin. The up and coming Muppets World tour!

Join the Muppets World Tour in Club Penguin beginning March 20. All players can travel the globe to perform with their favorite Muppets [...]

Club Penguin Fall Fair 2014 Sneak Peek

Hey penguins! Kon Tikki here, I wanted to show you this quick sneak peek for the up coming Club Penguin Fall Fair 2014! It was featured in the latest Spolier Alert episode!

The Club Penguin Fall Fair 2014 is just around the corner on Club Penguin and we’re all very excited for it. [...]

Club Penguin Times #433

Hey penguins! The 433′rd issue of the Club Penguin Times Newspaper is out now on Club Penguin!

This week’s penguin times is talking all about the up & coming fall fair! Aunt arctic says that she’s happy to report the fair is returning this month. She also says:

“The fair has always [...]